Vision Telecommunications, Inc

Vision Telecommunications, Inc.

Provides the following

engineering services:


Forward and return sweep alignment to system or manufactures, specifications

with full electronic documentation including final repairs and testing.



CLI and return ingress/noise supression.

CLI rideout and testing with repair and documentation.

Return ingress/noise supression, including plant repair, drop repair/replacement

and final certification.


Power Supply upgrading and status monitor install.  Upgrade of non stand-by power

supply to stand-by power supply, status monitor installation, and complete

power supply maintenance.


Walkout, mapping and serviceability checks.  Walkout and mapping

to include routing, pole profiles, manhole surveys,

permits and drawings.  Serviceability checks for both residential

and commercial.  Commercial checks to include wiring layout survey

with drawing and digital pictures.

Fiber optic design, testing and documentation.  Complete design

layout, cut sheets, splicing and testing from the head end/hub to the home. 

Existing Maintenance to include enclosure re-entry

testing organization and clean-up.